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About Me

I’m Kerri, known to friends as Gauntlet and also known online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and now on this site) as ChibiMagics. I started drawing cute things in 2013 when I drew Ursula from the Little Mermaid (my all-time favourite Disney Villain) and kind of went on a…Disney rampage after that. I’ve drawn over 40 Disney Villains and have since moved onto trying to get all Pokémon drawn in my own art style. I’ve also been branching out into other film series and even anime!

Creating art has always been a fond past time for me, especially as a means of stress relief and I love the idea that people also like and want to see my art and ideas come to life!

Some random facts about me:
Blood Type? A+
Favourite Animals? Giant Pandas, Turtles, Tortoises and Manta Rays.
Weapon of Choice? Fineliner Pen
Favourite Food? Carbonara