Art Commissions

Commission Tiers


 £1 – Paid in Advance

This is a cute chibi sketch of whatever you’d like.

Want props with the character? Let me know! Want the character in a certain pose? Looking angry? Sad? Let me know!

Sketch Commission Butterfree


£3 – Paid in Advance

A sketch of a chibi (as above) which is then scanned into Photoshop. I will then fix any proportion issues and create a crisp and clear line-art of the artwork.

Can be used for transfer stickers, for colouring books and more!

Line Art Commission Butterfree

Full Chibi Art

£5 – 50% Deposit Minimum Needed in Advance

Sketch + Line-Art + Colour! The full chibification process done and cooked until golden!

I will send you the sketch and line-art throughout the process so that you can make sure you are happy with the character created.

Full Colour Commission Butterfree


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