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“Pen in hand, I find my strength.
The courage endowed upon me by my one and only love.
Together, let us dismantle this crumbling world
And write a novel of our own fantasies.”

These cute little Monika heart tins have been coated in a food safe lacquer and make perfect storageĀ tins for herbs, spices or even konpeito! Or use it to store your spare change & jewellery. They’re easily stackable and can fit into cupboard space, on a window sill or even on your bedside table.

Dimensions of Each Heart Tin:
4.5cm Length
4.5cm Width
2.0cm Height

Also Available:
Sayori Tin
Natsuki Tin
Yuri Tin

Collect your favourites or buy them as a full set of Doki Doki Literature Club heart tins!

Additional information

Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 2.0 cm


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